Direct Email Marketing Of Viagra

For any person who uses the internet and email on a regular basis, the spectre of direct email marketing looms large. The vast majority of this form of advertising is classified as spam and is discarded without any further thought being paid to it. One of the groups of products most commonly advertised in these emails is impotence medication. In particular, Viagra, since its name and purpose is typically best known among potential consumers. The emails are not however linked to the Viagra manufactured by Pfizer; generic Viagra is often the product, as is Cialis or Levitra.

The way in which these products are marketed can differ greatly from email to email, depending on the campaign, the promoter and the assumed audience for the marketing material. Unfortunately, while advertising for something like generic Viagra can vary greatly from product to product, it doesn’t often vary. In fact the largest amounts of emails come in one of two forms. The effectiveness of the different forms is debatable, regardless of whether they are compared to each other or any other product advertised through that medium.

The first group of Viagra advertisement emails is composed of those emails which play to a man’s insecurity and vanity. These emails often appear to advocate the use of Viagra or generic versions for situations other than those that Viagra or similar medications would be used for. The majority of emails try to push people who can function perfectly well, sexually, without the drugs to use them anyway. Often a selling point seems to be an alteration in the dimensions of male sexual organs. This can give people false expectations of what will happen if they had make use of Viagra or a generic equivalent.

The second group is one that really deserves to be called spam and that is the one where random sentences and phrases are thrown together to give the impression of interesting content in the email. This then takes people directly into an advertisement for the Viagra, or range of different products that offer similar functions. Before opening, the email can look legitimate as they often seem to be from actual people rather than spam generators. This can lull people into opening them, only to discover the truth. This would not be so bad if so many Viagra emails seem to be accompanied by Trojans or viruses which attack a person’s pc. This is not a reflection of the product being sold, but tarnishes the reputation of the product none the less.

A Review of Viagra

Viagra is by far the most recognizable brand name and for the drug sildenafil citrate. It is produced and marketed by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, and is also sold under the name Ravatio and Caverta in certain locations throughout the world. Viagra is produced for one reason and one reason only, to treat erectile dysfunction, or as it’s more commonly known, ED. It comes in the form of a blue pill in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosages. Although it is available only by way of a doctor’s prescription, you can actually buy Viagra on the Internet if you so choose.

The drug Viagra wasn’t even intended to treat what is so widely known for now, in the beginning. It Was designed in the 1990s with the for the purpose of treating a form of heart disease known as angina pectoris. It didn’t work for the purpose it was intended, however, researchers of the drug noticed an interesting side effect of the drug at those who are testing it. It consistently induced erections.

They had a gold mine on their hands and they knew it. It was then patented in 1996 with the intention of development as a treatment for ED. By 1998 it had passed the necessary tests for FDA approval, and was released to the public where it was received with open arms and open legs.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common disorder in men, and is brought about by any number of factors. Some of the most common causes behind ED are psychological in origin, and some are equally based on physical abnormalities. The vast majority of men will find that they will have some difficulty getting or maintaining an erection at at one time or another, even though they may be perfectly healthy.

These are the instances where Viagra has proven to be very effective indeed. Some cases of ED can be caused by damage to the nervous system, diabetes, or hypogonadism, and in these cases Viagra may not be effective. If a doctor you to effectively screen new officers of questions to see if it can help you pay

Viagra is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor. Pretty fancy name isn’t it? PDE5 causes a compound called cyclic GMP or cGMP to degrade. Since cGMP causes the arterial smooth muscles in the penis to relax, which will then allow the penis to become engorged blood which is how an erection is created. Stopping or restricting the action of PDE5 will result in penile erections if the individual has an otherwise clean bill of health. Some other PDE5 inhibitors available today include Levitra, and Cialis. You have probably heard of all of them because they advertise very aggressively for this lucrative market.

Viagra is not without side effects and some of them include headaches, stomach upset, flushing, and sweating. Viagra has been reported to also cause blurred vision in some cases, and in some rare cases have actually been reports of temporary blindness. Viagra should not be taken in conjunction with drugs designed for angina pectoris, combination can cause a serious drop in blood pressure that may be very dangerous. Even though it is available on the internet, it is always wise to consult a qualified physician before taking any drug, including Viagra.

Cialis and Viagra: Two Pills Necessary in Our Times

Two centuries ago, if anybody had proposed or stated that in the future the erectile disorder of men will be taken care of by Cialis and Viagra, probably that that somebody would have been taken for a fool.

Many of us believe that men in the past did not suffer from this disorder. The truth is that this problem existed in the past also, with the exception that, at those times, this disorder was present because of the elder age or simply by accident. In those times, this usen` t to be the most important problem, and because of this, nobody used to make a big fuss about it.

It is true, although, that nowadays this erectile disorder has become more common. And the causes are many: the daily stress, pollution, smoking, an unhealthy alimentation, leading a sedentary life, lack of working out, and these are only a few. In other words, an unhealthy life style leads to a high percent of men who suffer from this disorder.

Until few years ago, these men had no chance to resolve this issue. But there came Viagra, the magic pill. For the men who were destitute until then from a passionate sexual life, that moment meant an utter unlocking from suffering and the re-joining of a normal healthy life. Viagra has changed the lives of many men.

It was enough to take it just a few hours before the sexual performance, and the worries of the men suffering from ED ceased to exist.

The only disadvantage to Viagra was that nobody knew for sure when precisely he has to take it. The solution to this problem is that the brand new remedy for ED, in the form of a pill called Cialis appeared on the market. This new magic pill brought about a plus of certainty to men all over the world, being a more evolved viagra. The effect of this pill is that, once taken, lasts up to 36 hours. In this way, men shouldn` t schedule precisely anymore the sexual encounters with their partners.

This pill brought to men suffering from ED the radical change of their life. They can be able to bring again the smile that has been missing for so long upon their loving partners` faces.

Viagra and Cialis gave men back the masculinity, and also the confidence that we all human beings imperiously need. We lives some harsh times, very different in all senses to the past, a century of high speed, where everything evolves very quickly, and where men can not afford “to be less men”. So, in times of daily stress and in times when perfection is generally required, the presence of these magic pills is more than necessary.